Our History

CHEM CLEAN LIMITED (CCL) has for the past forty (40) years, been a major manufacturer of Specialty Cleaning and Sanitizers Chemicals for the Food Processing, Hospital, Janitorial, Energy-Based and Petroleum Industries, with a dominant position in the supply of Institutional Products – Laundry, Ware-washing and Housekeeping Sectors. Its Consumer Line is growing and making its mark with the introduction of the ZESTY range. For more than 16 years CCL manufactured and distributed, under license of ECOLAB Inc. of the USA, a full range of products for the Trinidad & Tobago markets. This was followed by CCL developing its own range of Products more suited to the T&T and regional markets at more competitive prices.

CCL’s unique background has placed us amongst the International Leaders in our Range of Specialty Cleaning and Sanitizing Chemicals, where we ensure the maintenance of very strict Quality Control procedures in our manufacturing process and our long service history in the field has positioned us to offer a comprehensive Technical Advisory and Training Program to our valued clientele. To further support our program, CCL offers a well established Equipment Repair and Maintenance Service facility to assist its Customers in the Repair and contract Maintenance of their Laundry, Warewashing and Kitchen Equipment and to keep these operating at optimum performance.